Transfer of Innovation Project 2013-1-BG1-LEO05-08711
Osteosynthesis for Surgical Management of Fractures for Orthopedic Surgeons and Biomedical Engineers
Project summary
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Project Summary

The OrthoBioMed project is aimed at adapting and integrating innovative training courses and results from previous Leonardo da Vinci project into continuing VET of medicine professionals (residents, surgeons) and professionals involved in implants development and manufacturing.


  • Identifying and analysing the needs of biomedical labour market, of biomedical engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, managers, residents in the sector.
  • Selecting and analysing the e-learning innovative content to meet these needs and upgrade the content with the new developments in the sector.
  • Adapting, upgrading and implementing the Osteoform e-learning materials to the legal framework, training system, and language in Bulgaria and Greece and to the needs of the target groups in all partner countries.
  • Target groups:
  • residents in orthopaedics and experienced orthopaedic surgeons needs to update their knowledge on issues related to the surgical techniques of osteosynthesis;
  • engineers in mechanics needing knowledge and skills in biomechanical engineering for working in the development and manufacture of osteosynthesis implants.
  • Main activities:
  • Project management
  • Needs analysis
  • eLearning materials adaptation
  • Evaluation, pilot test
  • Dissemination
  • Exploitation
  • Outcomes:
  • Report on the analysis of training needs and definion of learning outcomes
  • Adapted e-learning courses
  • Evaluation report
  • Valorisation materials: project Web site, publications, demo DVD, leaflets
  • Dissemination workshop
  • Exploitation agreement
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