Transfer of Innovation Project 2013-1-BG1-LEO05-08711
Osteosynthesis for Surgical Management of Fractures for Orthopedic Surgeons and Biomedical Engineers
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Project Partners

The project consortium features well-balanced partnerships in terms of organisations involved and expertise required. It involves training organisations and universities, hospitals and university clinics. Some of the project partners collaborated successfully in the previous projects, the other are wishing to implement the innovations in their daily practice and to participate in the adaptation and use of the intelligent medical learning environment. All partners participated in a number of projects within the EU LLL programmes.

The consortium consists of medical specialists who provide clinical cases and materials on fracture surgery and diagnosis (MUP, DOS), experts in biomechanics (IBV), experts in educational technology and e-learning materials development and delivery (TeLearn - TUS); institutions providing continuing education for professionals in mechanical engineering (FBE at TUS, IBV) and in orthopaedics (MUP, DOS).

The partners from TeLearn laboratory at TUS participated in more than 18 European LLP projects and have coordinated 5 of them. With this experience they will be responsible for the project management, organization of workshop for project activities specification and coordination. Their expertise in educational sciences and e-learning materials development will be used in the instructional design, adaptation of the OSTEOform environment to the specific requirements of the partner medical and engineering institutions, project evaluation, dissemination of project results.

FME at TUS with its department for continuing eduction will be responsible for the pilot test in biomechanical engineering, exploitation of project results in the continuing post-graduate education at TUS.

The Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (IBV) is a technological centre focused on scientific research, technical assessment and training on the biomechanic field. A multidisciplinary team of 198 persons constitutes the IBV staff, including engineers, medical doctors, computer specialists, physicists, biologists, physiotherapists, social workers, designers, etc. IBV has wide experience in the coordination and participation in European projects. The Healthcare Technology Group collaborates with surgeons, implants companies and other entities interested in health management, trauma care and development of health products. IBV has an Education and Training department, whose activity is focused on development and teaching of different courses regarding the areas of interest of the Institute, and a department of Information and Communication, especially dedicated to the valorisation of the activities of IBV and the dissemination of the project results.

IBV as coordinator of the transferred project will transfer its results, help to prepare and implement the training modules, transfer knowledge about osteosynthesis and biomechanics.

The Medical University of Plovdiv (MUP) is the major teaching hospital in the Southern part of Bulgaria and referral center for a huge area. The Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology comprises of 30 full-time orthopaedic surgeons and 9 trainees and 12 academic staff. The Department has published a Textbook for medical students and hosts annual conferences and professional meetings. The department academic staff has accumulated big experience in teaching medical students and trainees and will apply the experience gained with this programme. The department has established national and international academic connections and reputation through publications and presentations at meetings of orthopaedic surgeons and other related specialties that will be valuable for the project outcomes.

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology of University of Thessalia (DOS) offers a wide spectrum of services in the area of traumatology & reconstructive orthopedics. The department has units offering highly specialized care in the fields of trauma, hand surgery/microsurgery, pediatric orthopedics, reconstructive surgery & sports medicine.

In the trauma and hand surgery/microsurgery units the medical stuff offer high quality care of traumatic disorders of the limbs, including skeletal reconstruction (osteosynthesis & use of grafts), minimally-invasive osteosynthesis, tissue coverage (flaps), re-plantations and reconstructive procedures.

The faculty members are continuously involved in teaching (pre/postgraduate students, residents, surgeons) and research activities (orthopedic surgery, surgical anatomy, basic/translational research). Seminars, meetings, and hands-on workshops are organized by the Department for the dissemination of knowledge and specialized surgical techniques.

MUP and DOS will perform the need analysis of Bulgarian and Greek orthopaedic specialists and surgeons, select and adapt the content of the courses to the needs of users in the health sector, and provide case studies to the common database; participate in the pilot test, implement the courses in the Bulgarian and Greek eHealth lifelong learning system, disseminate the project results and their experiences with the use of the e-learning courses.

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