Transfer of Innovation Project 2009-1-BG1-LEOO5-01602
Vocational Training for Sports Centres Employees with European Certificate
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The EuroSport project features well-balanced partnership in terms of organisations involved and expertise required. It involves training providers (NSA, Boson Sport College), employers (Athletic), sport association (Bosön), project management experts (IMPULSE), e-learning developers experienced in European projects (TUS).

IMPULSE Agentur fuer Projektentwicklung und - management GmbH
IMPULSE has coordinated the LdV project for development of a qualification system and VET for sports facility managers. They will transfer their results in Bulgaria and Sweden; select and adapt the content of the VET programme "Sport coordinator" to the needs and qualification framework (QF) in Germany, pilot test.

Bosön has coordinated the project "VET for Sports Centres Employees" with a EU certificate. They will transfer their results in Bulgaria and Germany; select and adapt the content of the VET for Sport Centres (SCs) managers and technicians to the needs and QF in Sweden, perform the pilot test.

NSA - Национална спортна академия (National Sport Academy)
The promoter, NSA is the Bulgarian institution which can provide certified VET as a national centre for education, research and development in the field of physical culture and sport. They will perform need analysis, define the competences of sport instructors mapping the EQF and the Bulgarian QF, select and adapt the content of the VET for sport instructors and consult on the VET for managers and technical staff, develop a course on Kinesitherapy, pilot test, certification and implementation of VET programmes.
Athletic – Атлетик фитнес (Athletic Fitness)
Athletic, experienced in building and maintaining SCs, with their qualified staff of graduate instructors, doctors, rehabilitators, technicians and managers will perform the need analysis, define the competences of managers and technicians at SCs, select and adapt the content for SCs managers and technicians VET, consult on Kinesitherapy course, pilot test.

TUS (TeLearn) - Технически университет - София (Technical University of Sofia)
TUS, being experienced in the coordination and implementation of a number of European projects, will coordinate the project, plan the evaluation and the pilot test. TeLEARN, experts in ICT and e-learning, will develop all e-learning materials, make functionality and usability tests, maintain the Project Web page and the e-learning courses on its server. All partners will share the responsibility for the valorisation of project results.

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